Hexadome, Tribeca, De Niro


Constructed from over five decades of films featuring Robert De Niro in New York City, DE NIRO, NEW YORK (2024) moves through space and time with a dream logic; placing De Niro’s many on-screen personalities in direct conversation with each other. These moments of connection and interaction transcend eras to form a captivating portrait of an artist and his city evolving together over more than half a century. DE NIRO, NEW YORK (2024) is an immersive film produced by Little Cinema in partnership with Tribeca Film Festival and Berlin Institute for Sound and Music in 54 channel sound and six screens featuring Panasonic Connect Solid Shine DLP™ Laser Projection Technology for the ISM Hexadome.



ISM Frequencies Episode #5 - Le Guess Who?

September saw the ISM broadcast episode 5 of ISM Frequencies on Refuge Worldwide. The organisers and curators of the brilliant festival Le Guess Who? in Utrecht were invited to make a mix this time. They chose to compile a mix of some of the acts attending the festival this year, planned for the weekend of November 10th to 13th. As a festival that stands as a ‘celebration of sound’, something the ISM also strives for, we are delighted to hear their amazing curatorial skills at work with this one hour of laid back ambient, jazz and instrumental music from all over the world.



ISM Frequencies Episode #4 - The Radiophonic Institute

On April 14 the ISM broadcast episode 4 of ISM Frequencies on Refuge Worldwide. The Radiophonic Institute has been invited to create a mix this time. They chose to compile some of the recordings from their Radiophonic Travel Agency project which uses sound to enable listeners to explore the whole recorded world from the safety and comfort of their home. The Travel agency exists as an interactive experience created in collaboration with BBC Research & Development, listeners can choose which destinations they would like to explore and how long they would like to spend in them.


Google Arts & Culture

Electronic Music History - Birthplace Chicago

The ISM is proud to present a selection of exhibitions that focus on cities across the world that played an important role in what electronic music, and in this case dance music, is today. Starting with Chicago!



ISM Frequencies Episode #3 - Johanna Knutsson

On January 27th 2022 the 3rd episode of ISM Frequencies, a radio show on sound, was broadcast on Refuge Worldwide. Swedish producer Johanna Knutsson was our guest for this episode creating a wonderful hour of melancholic tones and melodies from the likes of Daphne Oram, Job Gibson and Johanna’s own music.



U2 and Thierry Noir: 30 Years of Achtung Baby and a Gift to Berlin ISM

U2 and Berlin Wall artist Thierry Noir are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the seminal album Achtung Baby and through a donation to Berlin based non-profit organisation Institute for Sound and Music are helping to pass the torch to the next generation of creators in Berlin. 



ISM Frequencies Episode #2 with KMRU

On October 4th the 2nd episode of ISM Frequencies was broadcast on Refuge Worldwide, a radio show on sound. This time we are delighted to have Joseph Kamaru, aka KMRU, create a wonderful mix of textures and timbres.



ISM Frequencies | A New Radio Show for Refuge Worldwide

On June 30th the ISM broadcast the first episode of a quarterly radio show for Berlin-based station Refuge Worldwide. Each episode, we invite an artist to create an audio piece exploring the world of sound and the cultural impact it can have on us and the world around us. For our inaugural episode we have invited interdisciplinary artist Lea Fabrikant and visual musician Tarik Barri, who together go under the name "Zo."


Brian Eno

Brian Eno in Conversation with Thomas Oberender

On this third anniversary we reflect on a different past, while being mindful of the experiences we have yet to look forward to, In collaboration with Berliner Festspiele, we are proud to share the discussion between Thomas Oberander and Brian Eno on EMPTY FORMALISM at Gropius Bau, created for the ISM Hexadome.



ISM Supporter Program

As part of an initiative to support our long term goal, the ISM is releasing an album featuring recordings from the ISM Hexadome installation, featuring such artists as Suzanne Ciani, Ben Frost, Peter Van Hoesen, and Frank Bretschneide



ISM Hexadome at SXSW 2020

The Institute for Sound & Music brings the ISM Hexadome experience to SXSW 2020 at Austin City Limits and the Austin Convention Center. 



EIT Climate-KIC Workshop

Supported by EIT Climate-KIC, the Institute of Sound and Music is hosting a case study over five days, focused on co-designing a model for a new kind of museum experience dedicated to sound, art and electronic music in Berlin.



MASS MoCA ISM Hexadome

The Institute for Sound & Music (ISM) announces the final location for the ISM Hexadome experience for the Wunderbar Together initiative at MASS MoCA - Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. This marks the finale of a meaningful, international collaboration spanning two years of dedicated work made possible by the Goethe Institute and German Federal Foreign Office as part of the Wunderbar Together initiative.


ISM Hexadome - Wall Street International

The 360 ​​° ISM Hexadome audiovisual experience from the Berlin Institute for Sound and Music has been moving to the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) for three weeks.



MUTEK welcomes the Berlin hexadome - Pieuvre

Alongside the SAT dome and the PY1 pyramid, the MUTEK International Festival of Digital Creativity and Electronic Music is hosting the ISM HEXADOME 360-degree audiovisual installation at the Institute for Sound & Music in Berlin from 13 August to 2 September at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Montreal (MAC).



Mastering & Engineering: Interview with Frederic Stader - Discogs

While at a record fair in Cologne late last year, we met Frederic Stader, a Mastering and Vinyl Cutting Engineer from Germany who had worked on one of the best selling releases on Discogs in 2017.



Dive into the Mutek universe - Journal Métro

Until September 2, Mutek presents the Hexadome installation in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC). This sensory experience presents 10 audiovisual works, including a specially created by Montreal Herman Kolgen for the 20 th edition of the festival.



MAC Montréal + MUTEK 20th Edition

The ISM Hexadome travels north for the 20th edition of MUTEK Montreal, where audiokinetic sculptor and local hero Herman Kolgen is currently developing his latest piece for the ISM Hexadome. In addition, Little Cinema presents a special screening of controversial environmental parable Mother! adapted for the immersive format of the ISM Hexadome by acclaimed film director, Darren Aronofsky.



Gray Area Festival wraps with the ISM Hexadome

The fifth annual Gray Area Festival ran over the weekend in San Francisco, with performances, exhibitions, panels, and workshops focusing on the intersection of art and technology.



The Do List: July - KQED

Looking for things to do in the Bay Area? Listen to KQED Arts' Gabe Meline and Nastia Voynovskaya discuss their critic's picks for this weekend at the audio link above, and read about each event below.



”Under the Electric Sea" an Interview with Suzanne Ciani

Suzanne Ciani is undoubtedly a heroine of electronic music. Preparing for her upcoming ISM Hexadome shows in San Francisco and Montreal, we sat down with Suzanne Ciani to talk about the past, present and future.



ISM Hexadome North America Premiere

The Institute for Sound & Music is proud to announce the US premiere of the acclaimed ISM Hexadome installation in partnership with Gray Area Festival at the historic Pier 70 location in San Francisco from July 25th through August 4th.



Hearing is Believing - Audio Media International

Berlin is often seen as a city that is supportive of innovation and creativity. With Germany’s strong role in technical research and development, it’s not surprising that those interested in sonic experimentation are drawn to the country’s capital.



ISM Hexadome Retrospective - Gropius Bau, Berlin

With the end of 2018 approaching, the ISM would like to thank the ISM Hexadome volunteers, visitors, supporters, members, partners, and artists involved, for what has been a remarkable year and an incredible first exhibition for the organisation.



Berlin’s ISM Hexadome Is What Immersive Audiovisual Art Has Been Missing

On one dreary and rain-soaked afternoon in March, Boston native Nick Meehan sat on two small granite steps leading into the large, ornate atrium of Berlin’s Martin Gropius Bau. He looked out into the barren, empty space that would eventually host the ISM Hexadome exhibition.



Peter Van Hoesen & Heleen Blanken in Berlin - Resident Advisor

The ISM Hexadome is a celebration of artistic collaboration. Created by the Berlin Institute For Sound & Music, the immersive 360° audiovisual exhibition contains six screens surrounding the audience, along with multi-channel speakers built with the help of a local digital media studio and the Center for Art And Media in Karlsruhe.



Techno, Kunst, Museum - Das Filter

Die elektronische Musikkultur hatte in den vergangenen Jahren enorm mit dem Problem der Inflation zu kämpfen. Facebook-Feeds, in denen einen täglich Live- und DJ-Sets anbummsten. Boiler Rooms auch aus der hintersten australischen Club-Toilette. Die totale (meist auch von den Artists selbstgewählte) Ausleuchtung von Künstlerleben, Szenen und vermeintlichen Mythen. 14 Snapchats aus dem Taxi. Was soll da noch kommen?



Final Weekend at ISM Hexadome

The final weekend to experience the ISM Hexadome Exhibition at Gropius Bau has arrived. On Saturday, three new installations will premiere and run throughout the day from Peter van Hoesen & Heleen Blanken, CAO & Michael Tan, Ben Frost & MFO, Holly Herndon & Mathew Dryhurst. On Saturday night, the ISM will also show previous installations from 6pm to 10pm.



Enter the Hexadome - Louder magazine

What do you get when you place Brian Eno, Thom Yorke and other artists inside a large metal structure fitted with six giant screens and over 50 speakers? An audiovisual revelation.




Inspired by ancient Moche iconography and cosmology, the work explores the dualities of life/death, generation/destruction, and cohesion/dispersion cycles and how they appear as two planes constantly transposed onto one another.



Peter van Hoesen & Heleen Blanken "ADAPTIVE ENQUIRY No. 1"

The starting point for the work is the focus on the cause and effect of resonance. It aims at triggering a process of mutual assimilation, consuming and absorbance of the other subject as a whole.



Frank Bretscheider & Pierce Warnecke "APPROXIMATE ACCURACY"

Approximate Accuracy is a hybrid audio-visual installation/performance especially designed for the ISM Hexadome that borrows from modular sound and visual synthesis techniques, adapting them with contemporary analog and digital tools.



René Löwe & Pfadfinderei "THE P!EACE"

Want to hit the ceiling, to change the perspective, then float in wide spheres and rushing wind, turning on my own axis in free fall, pictures like parachutes, the bass a compass, off the beaten paths through time and space, das Labland, as far as the eye can see, the legs are dangling in space, point A becomes B, cpatch, 3Dub…..just a frame on the big timeline. Click Render and always play.



Ben Frost & MFO

Spatialized deconstructions of material from the 2016 "The Centre Cannot Hold" recording sessions form the backbone of Frost’s work for Hexadome.



Lara Sarkissian & Jemma Woolmore

Sound artist Lara Sarkissian and video artist Jemma Woolmore approach the ISM Hexadome installation as a transsensorial space for storytelling on topics of territory, recognition, and memory.



Tarik Barri & Thom Yorke "CITY RATS"

Tarik Barri presents a composition created in collaboration with Thom Yorke. Inside the virtual 3D universe of Barri's self-programmed "Versum" software, all that is heard can be seen, and all that is seen may be heard, to take full advantage of the ISM Hexadome.



Holly Herndon & Mathew Dryhurst "Spawn Training Ceremony I: Deep Belief"

Holly Herndon & Mathew Dryhurst introduce "Spawn," an artificial neural network, trained to recognize and reproduce sounds of her parents. This piece will be developed with a live audience in Gropius Bau, and permiere two weeks later as an immersive installation in the ISM Hexadome.



Rooting for the optimists and pessimists: Brian Eno’s Empty Formalism opens Berlin’s ISM Hexadome

Composer and visual artist Brian Eno returned to Berlin this week for the opening of his audio-visual installation, “Empty Formalism,” at the Martin Gropius Bau.



Klänge und Bilder zum Eintauchen - Deutschlandfunk

Im Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin ist ab heute eine Installation zu sehen, die dieses Eintauchen ermöglicht – das ISM Hexadome.



ZKM Klangdom Report by Junichi Oguro

DIVE IN SOUND as if it had jumped into the flow of sound, as if you adventure the sound field to meet the next sound, as if gravity is created by the sound



Artist Talk: Brian Eno in Conversation with Thomas Oberender

Thomas Oberender, Curator and Artistic Director of the Berliner Festspiele speaks with English musician, composer, record producer, singer, artist and founding father of ambient music Brian Eno.



Presenting Brian Eno "Empty Formalism"

The first installation for the ISM Hexadome and world premiere of "Empty Formalism," the latest work by Brian Eno.



Brian Eno Wants to Take You ‘Inside the Music’ - The New York Times

Brian Eno is among the prominent musicians exploring the artistic potential of immersive technologies developed primarily for the video game industry.



ISM Hexadome Artist Selection

Brian Eno​ • Tarik Barri​ & Thom Yorke • Holly Herndon​ & Mathew Dryhurst • Frank Bretschneider​ & Pierce Warnecke​ • Lara Sarkissian​ & Jemma Woolmore • Ben Frost​ & MFO​ • Peter Van Hoesen​ & Heleen Blanken​ • CAO & Michael Tan​ • Pfadfinderei​ & René Löwe



inSonic 2017 - Contemporary Spaces for Sound and Electronic Music Culture

Within the framework of the INTERFACES project, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, the festival »inSonic2017: Immersive Future« took place at the ZKM.



Introducing the ISM Hexadome

In March and April 2018, the Hexadome premieres as a new format hosting 9 installations and performances by outstanding international contemporary artists from the sound, immersive art, and visual disciplines in the Atrium of Berlin’s Martin-Gropius-Bau.



ISM: A Brief History

In 2013, the initial members of the ISM organization conducted research in Berlin. This highlighted a large percentage of residents and visitors whose primary interests include sound, audiovisual, and electronic music culture. The research also indicated, outside the timeframe of evenings and weekends, limited options exist to explore each discipline, their context and relevance to the city, and to the community as a whole.



FEED: 2011 - 2016

FEED “Frequencies” program at KW was launched to critical acclaim in Berlin, hosting over thirty concerts and more than 60 Berlin-based artists and co-curators to feature sound and immersive electronic performances.



The Future of ISM

The ISM will produce three contemporary exhibitions beginning in 2018. Each exhibition will showcase sound, immersive art, and electronic music culture respectively, curated in collaboration with partner artists, members and organizations from our shared community.