A 6-Screen Film on the ISM Hexdome 

Premiering June 6th - 16th, Tribeca Film Festival 2024

Robert De Niro, TAXI DRIVER (1976)

"On every street, there's a nobody who dreams of being somebody.”

Original tagline, TAXI DRIVER (1976)

Following a year of production, Little Cinema and the Tribeca Film Festival, has created an immersive film exclusively for the ISM Hexadome showcasing Robert De Niro’s illustrious career across six screens featuring Panasonic Solid Shine™ Laser Projection technology and 52 channels of sound.

Produced in-residence at Germany’s ZKM Center for Art and Media, DE NIRO NEW YORK (2024) was constructed from over five decades of films featuring Robert De Niro in New York City. The immersive film moves through space and time with a dream logic; placing De Niro’s many on-screen personalities in direct conversation with each other. These moments of connection and interaction transcend eras to form a captivating portrait of an artist and his city evolving together over more than half a century. 

In collaboration with Little Cinema, directors Sam Gill and Luke Neher have meticulously re-edited hundreds of scenes to create a new immersive narrative short using an original score and 360° spatial sound design tailored for the Hexadome’s environment. 

Like Christian Marclay’s THE CLOCK (2010) meets Richard Linklater’s BOYHOOD (2014), this one-man show sees De Niro portraying an anonymous artist dreaming of making it in New York City, tracing his ascent from humble beginnings to the heights of fame and back again. 

  • Direction, Editing, Score & Sound Design: Luke Neher, Sam Gill
  • Producer: Jay Rinsky
  • Spatial Sound and Visual Engineering: Berlin Institute for Sound and Music
  • Created by: Little Cinema in partnership with Tribeca Festival and ISM
  • Exhibited on: Berlin's Institute for Sound and Music "ISM Hexadome" for Tribeca Film Festival 2024 powered by Panasonic Connect Solid Shine DLP™ Laser Projection Technology

About the ISM Hexadome

The ISM Hexadome is an immersive 360° audiovisual installation designed by the Institute for Sound and Music in Berlin, Germany. The installation was designed to create the clearest channel between immersive digital art and an audience using advanced technologies.  Both emerging and world-renowned artists such as Brian Eno, Holly Herndon and Thom Yorke from Radiohead have contributed immersive works placing the exceptional program of the ISM Hexadome  at the forefront of shared direct experience. 

The ISM Hexadome consists of six large rear projection screens for advanced Panasonic Solid Shine™ laser projectors, arranged in a hexagonal architecture hosting a 54 channel "Klangdom" sound system arranged in a dome configuration developed by ZKM Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany. 

Robert De Niro, TAXI DRIVER (1976)