ISM Hexadome Artist Selection

We are proud to announce the official artist selection for the ISM Hexadome at Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin.

Video Soundtrack: “The Falling Rocket” by Stephan Mathieu

 In order of appearance:

  • Brian Eno (installation)
  • Tarik Barri & Thom Yorke (installation)
  • Tarik Barri (installation / live performance)
  • Holly Herndon & Mathew Dryhurst (installation / live performance)
  • Frank Bretschneider & Pierce Warnecke (installation / live performance)
  • Lara Sarkissian & Jemma Woolmore (installation /live performance)
  • Ben Frost & MFO (installation / live performance)
  • Peter van Hoesen & Heleen Blanken (installation / live performance)
  • CAO & Michael Tan (installation / live performance)
  • Pfadfinderei & René Löwe (installation / live performance)

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The ISM Hexadome is an immersive 360° audiovisual exhibition combining art and technology. It is the first step in the Institute for Sound & Music's initiative to build a museum in recognition of sound, immersive arts, and electronic music culture. The ISM Hexadome is comprised of a visual projection architecture designed by Berlin digital media studio, Pfadfinderei, and the ‘Klangdom’, an advanced multi-channel speaker configuration created by ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics. The Klangdom is controlled by ZKM's Zirkonium software and Panoramix 3D audio mixing software developed by IRCAM’s STMS Research Lab.  The ISM Hexadome exhibition in Berlin features nine audiovisual performances and installations from international artists, seven works curated by the ISM, with two additional artists curated by Norient, Network for Local and Global Sounds and Media Culture. The ISM Hexadome will premiere at the Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin from March 29th to April 22nd, 2018  before traveling throughout Europe and North America.

The ISM Hexadome is funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation and the Senate Department of Culture and Europe. 

Presented in collaboration with Pfadfinderei, ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Norient, IRCAM, Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

A guest at Martin-Gropius-Bau.  

Official partner: Audi City Berlin.

Supported by System 180, Meyer Sound.


ISM: A Brief History

In 2013, the initial members of the ISM organization conducted research in Berlin. This highlighted a large percentage of residents and visitors whose primary interests include sound, audiovisual, and electronic music culture. The research also indicated, outside the timeframe of evenings and weekends, limited options exist to explore each discipline, their context and relevance to the city, and to the community as a whole.


The Future of ISM

The ISM will produce three contemporary exhibitions beginning in 2018. Each exhibition will showcase sound, immersive art, and electronic music culture respectively, curated in collaboration with partner artists, members and organizations from our shared community.