ISM Frequencies | A New Radio Show for Refuge Worldwide

It is our pleasure to announce the inaugural episode of ISM Frequencies, a radio show on sound, broadcast from Refuge Worldwide  in Berlin. Refuge was started as a fundraising platform working in solidarity with grassroots and non-profit organisations. This year they launched Refuge Worldwide, a new radio station to amplify the music and issues that they care about, broadcasting weekly Tuesday to Fridays.

Since 2015, among others, they have worked with a young women’s center, refugee housing support associations, a music school for marginalised persons, social equity groups, homelessness agencies, and a shelter for women and young persons fleeing domestic violence. 

The ISM supports the work Refuge Worldwide is doing for the local and international community and couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to develop a radio show. Every 4 months we invite artists to create an audio piece focused on sound and the cultural impact it can have on us and the world around us.
You can listen to the mix from Zo here:

About Zo

Sound & visual artist Lea Fabrikant and audiovisual musician Tarik Barri, apart from friendship, share an audiovisual project under the name “Zo”.

Lea Fabrikant is an interdisciplinary artist. She creates, destroys, patches and compiles expressions in between sound and/or image, brought into the world in different shapes like installations, sound compositions&improvisation and AV performances.

Tarik Barri is an audiovisual musician and software developer. Using self-made tools, he explores new synergies and aesthetics in combinations of image and sound. His work takes on various forms like installations, videos and av performances.

We created a mix of sounds and recordings which mesmerise us, pieces which introduced textures and harmonies unknown to us from a wide array of different corners.

These are sounds which inspire and challenge our ears as well as our hearts: different ways of expressions, some purely traditional, some influenced by traditions, and others challenging them. This is a mix of what for us are hidden precious pearls.

Zo (Lea Fabrikant and Tarik Barri)

Track List:

  • 01 - Gevuse
  • by Jediah Khivali & Girls (Luhya) recorded by Hugh Tracey (Kenyan Songs & Strings 1950 & 1952)

  • 02 - A Love Song
  • by Pauline Oliveros (The Well and the Gentle , 1985)

  • 03 - Gaidarski Melodii
  • by 100 Kaba Bagpipes Orchestra (Bulgarian Folk Dances , 1998)

  • 04 - Vietnam
  • by Ströer Duo (Fluchtweg Madagaskar , 1982)

  • 05 - Pamahei (Classical Style)
  • (Music of Thailand , 1959)

  • 06 - Untitled
  • by Roland Satterwhite (recorded in the Sofia bar toilet , 2011)

  • 07 - Växelvis Kulning/Alternating Calling
  • by Elin Lisslass and Karin Edvardsson Johansson (Lockrop & Vallåtar , 1995)

  • 08 - Oiartzun – Bakarka
  • by KIMU Txalaparta (live at Arditurri mines , 2017) 

  • 09 - Ta Tallira
  • by Odysseas Mosxonas & Mitsaras (Palia Froura , 1974)

  • 10 - Valse Sentimentale (from Six Pieces, Op. 51 by P.I Tchaikovsky)
  • by Clara Rockmore (Theremin , 1977)

  • 11 - Sygyt With Me
  • by Kippi Kaninus (2006)

  • 12 - Swornoto horo
  • by Dafo Trendafilov (Great Masters of Bulgarian Instrumental Folklore , 2007)

  • 13 - Three Katajjait from Baffin Land
  • by Elijah Pudloo Mageeta, Napache Samaejuk Pootoogook, Napache Etidloie Toonoo and Qaunak Martha Meekeega (Inuit Games And Songs (from Canada) , 1976)

  • 14 - Fides Tua
  • by Tigran Hamasyan (live , 2016)

  • 15 - Miks Sa Mulle Ei Tulnud! (Why Did You Refuse Me!) by Collage (Kadriko , 1974)

  • 16 - untitled#17
  • by Lea Fabrikant (live , 2019)

  • 17 - Palace Of Wind II
  • by Battle Trance (Palace of Wind , 2014)

  • 18 - untitled#39
  • by Lea Fabrikant (2021)

  • 19 - Una
  • by Suetszu & jayrope (Comunser , 2020)

  • 20 - Thirteen Things I Did Today
  • by Little Annie (Interiors , 1998)

  • 21 - ILOVEIT
  • by Epiphany Now (2017)

  • 22 - from “Fierrot le pou” short film by Mathieu Kassovitz feat. Rockin' Squat (1990)

  • 23- IAmThatIAm
  • by Brion Gysin (1960)

  • 24 - Bavshvebi
  • by Nikakoi (Sestrichka , 2002)

  • 25 - Kopf der Band
  • by International Music (Die besten Jahre , 2018)

We hope you enjoy the show as much as we did and stay tuned for the next episode scheduled for September!


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