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The ISM is a Berlin-based initiative dedicated to the history and culture of sound, art, and electronic music. Its long term goal is the establishment of a premiere institution in Berlin, built to showcase the best of each discipline through a forward-thinking museum quality experience. The ISM aims to promote discourse among the diverse sound and music communities, while celebrating the unique heritage of electronic music, and our collective relationships to sound.


The ISM will produce three contemporary exhibitions beginning in 2018. Each exhibition will showcase sound, art, and electronic music exclusively, curated in collaboration with artists, members and organizations from our shared community. The ISM Preview Exhibitions are designed to inspire audiences by promoting new artistic platforms and contexts for sound, while demonstrating the potential for a permanent institution in Berlin.

The time has come to offer the residents of Berlin and its many visitors a new platform for immersive and direct experience. This initiative stands on a foundation of continued growth and interest in sound and electronic music culture, advancements in technology, and the role Berlin plays in each relevant discipline locally and throughout the world.

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The door is open to expand the vision, to build a monument, and make history. Get informed. Get involved. Join us.